Happy Birthday Sir Elton!!

Sir Elton John was my very first musical favorite, everything.  Before KISS, Journey, Olivia Newton-John, there was Elton John.  I can’t remember why I was originally such a fan.  I just remember that when I heard Rocket Man or Crocodile Rock, I was hooked and had to hear more and more.  I don’t remember who gave me money for Christmas in 1974, but I bugged my sister, Kathy, to take me to the record store(remember those?) on Fort St. in Lincoln Park, Town N Country, so I could buy the brand new album, Elton John’s Greatest Hits.  I seem to recall it was $4.99 plus tax.

Like every other 8 year old kid that finds a favorite, I became obsessed with the music of the man with the crazy glasses and flamboyant outfits.  I listened to that album front to back, day after day after day.  I knew every word in the liner notes right down to the studio where it was mixed.  I usually skipped the slower songs like Your Song and Border Song, in favor of the harder hitting Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting and the funky, Honky Cat.  I’m still a fan to this very day.  John is still making great recordings.  His 2016 release, Wonderful Crazy Night, is among his very best albums.




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