Raul Midón: Bad A** and Blind

Raul Midòn is both things above, but he is so much more the former.  Rather than allowing himself to become known as a blind musician, Midòn’s songs portray himself as simply a man who sings, writes, and plays guitar, who just happens to be blind.  Midòn comes right out the box with the title track letting every listener know the breadth of his musical abilities, including a mid-song rap, and then throws down a funky sweet groove to go with it.  Pedal To The Metal is a testimony to the desire that burns inside a man to try everything life has to offer.

Don’t feel bad for Midón.  He doesn’t look for any pity on this album and he surely doesn’t need it.  If you feel pity at all when you listen to this disc it should be only for yourself.  I mean, if you call yourself an audiophile of any measure and this is your first exposure to the jazzy sounds of Raul Midón, then it is truly you who should be pitied.  Every track has a strong singer/songwriter vibe working inside very deliberate jazz structures, but the structures are many.  All That I Am and Wings of Mind have a swing feel to them that conjures up images of a 1950’s New York City jazz joint.  Slower numbers like You & I and Jack (Robert Lorick) showcase his range from falsetto to baritone with amazing grace and ease.

This is the sixth Raul Midón release and none of them have met much commercial success, at least not comparable to the critical success he has enjoyed.  This guy is the complete package and deserves an exceeding amount of popularity so the entire world can hear his genius.  I am a shameless shill, but don’t just take my word for it, ask yourself why Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Julio Iglesias, and Jose Feliciano have sought out Midón’s talent and services.

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