Stranger Things

I binged on this show a few days ago based on a recommendation from my oldest son, Brandon.  It’s set in 1983 so the pop culture references were fun, not to mention the fashion and hair-do’s and don’ts.  Part Stand By Me, part Dungeons & Dragons, and part Goonies.  Mystery and government conspiracy come to a small town in Indiana and band of middle schoolers are at the center of the intrigue.  Perhaps the shows best quality is the pacing.  Once a character is introduced the wait for their true nature and motive is revealed.  The show doesn’t tease any story info too long.  Just enough to keep you hooked and thirsty for more.  The first season is only 8 episodes so binging over a day or two is very doable without suffering burnout.  I give the show 4.5 stars.  Definitely worth watching.

The entire first season is available on Netflix

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